SURVEY RESULTS: State of Process Excellence in the Middle East

Companies in the Middle East are bullish on the prospects for Process Excellence with more than 50% of survey respondents to a PEX Network survey reporting that the number of people employed full time in process excellence will increase in the year ahead and over 30% reporting that interest in Process Excellence is expanding at their organization.

Download these survey results – which compiles the responses from process practitioners based in the Middle East who responded PEX Network’s latest State of the Industry survey (June 2013) – to understand the key trends and areas of focus for companies operating in the Middle East.

Key results:

  • Majority of respondents reported having deployed process excellence methodologies within one or more business units (50% ) while few have made the leap to Enterprise-wide deployment (18.8%)
  • Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management are the top methodologies used by process practitioners in the Middle East (coming in at just over 30% each); a further 23.8% plan to implement Lean Six Sigma in the year ahead
  • Employee attitude change and cost savings were cited as the primary measures of the success of operational excellence programs in the Middle East with 18% of survey respondents reportedly using each of these measures (in contrast, globally cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency/throughput came out top).
  • Process Redesign, Redesigning Performance Metrics and Process Modelling/documentation were cited as the top three areas of focus for the year ahead