Proactive Problem Management: A Business Necessity

Many organizations take a fire-fighting approach to problem solving: "we can't predict the future so we fix the problem when it arises". But there is an alternative: proactive problem management.

In this whitepaper Steve White and Robert Kolaczynski, consultants at process improvement consultancy Kepner-Tregoe, describe how you can take a more proactive approach to problem solving that will allow your organization to anticipate possible problems and plan your response before an incident occurs.

Proactive problem management allows organizations to ask such questions as:
  • Which of our system compenents has poor quality and support?
  • Which systems are no longer fit for purpose?
  • What loose connections or 'frayed' edges are in the system (parts or people)?

Download this whitepaper for further details of how to use proactive problem solving effectively within your organization.