"Process professionals must learn to think more like a CEO": Interview with DuPont's Don Linsenmann

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Trying to figure out ways to get executives excited about process? Don Linsenmann has one piece of advice: think more a CEO.

It’s time, he says, for process professionals to transcend petty politics and overcome the usual "methodology silos" in order to focus on delivering improved business outcomes and better customer satisfaction. Only then, will we see process excellence moving up the business agenda.
Linsenmann is Vice President Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion for DuPont Corporation where he has worked since 1999 when he was appointed the company’s first and only Corporate Six Sigma Champion. In this PEX Network interview, Linsenmann discusses the changes he’s seen in the process space over that time and how he expects the concepts of convergence and "transcedency" to shape the space in the years ahead.