PEX Week Europe Discussion: Setting Process Excellence Programmes Up For Success

Companies - especially those operating within the eurozone - continue to face pressures to "lean" out and adapt processes to respond to changing conditions, as European leaders wrangle over the fate of the single currency and terms of bailout packages to its weaker members. Cutbacks are likely inevitable, but will they ultimately gear your company up for success?

In this PEX Network video, filmed LIVE at PEX Week Europe, PEX Network's flagship European event, process practitioners discuss the results of PEX Network's 2011 benchmarking report and share their thoughts on where process excellence within Europe is headed. The discussion was moderated by Connie Moore, Vice President, Business Technology Futures at Forrester Research.


Diana Davis, Editor, PEX Network
Estelle Clarke, Global Business Assurance Director, Lloyds Register
Dennis Narlock, Lean Six Sigma Jonah, Catalent & PEX Advisory Board Member