Starting Up a Business Excellence Programme: The Roche Pharmaceutical Journey

Insight from Honorary Award Winners for PEX Network European Best Start Up Business Excellence Programme 2012

Getting started with process excellence is a difficult task - it involves not just changing processes, but changing the way people have done things potentially for decades. A couple of years ago Roche, a global pharmaceutical company that employs over 80,000 people, launched a large-scale performance improvement program called Small Molecules Operations Performance (SMOP) aimed at improving the performance and agility of the Small Molecules group. The group is responsible for end-to-end manufacturing and supply for Roche medicines based on small molecule and has eight facilities located in eight different countries, employs over 2000 employees and manufactures over 100 products.

For their work, Roche Pharmaceuticals won honorary mention in the Best Start-up Business Excellence Programme in PEX Network's European Process Excellence awards earlier this year. The programmes were judged on their strategy, capacity for delivery and the extent to which they have created an environment for change.
In this PEX Network video interview, Ernst Kapser, Senior Process Manager, at Roche Pharmaceuticals, describes the journey the division has undertaken: the drivers for the programme, early challenges, and where the group is going next with process excellence.
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