Simple Steps to Sustainability: Ensuring End-user Adoption of Process Changes

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Whether you follow Lean, Six Sigma, or an internal methodology, one of the biggest challenges of process improvement is ensuring that process changes are adopted consistently—and sustained—by your business. How can you measure how well your process improvements have been adopted? And how can you monitor activity to ensure process improvements are sustained while identifying new best practices for continuous improvement?

This thought-provoking webinar that examines the key reasons why process changes often fail to be sustained in the long term. Explore how you can track whether your business is really following new processes, and discover practical ways to measure and identify where new process adoption is breaking down—and how you can fix it:

  • Explore the key reasons why process improvement efforts often derail
  • Learn what analytics you should be measuring right now to identify deviations
  • Get insight on how analytics can help you drive coaching for embedding new processes
  • Discuss how technology can help you to monitor and sustain the benefits of process change initiatives