Providing Quality, Productivity and Efficiency (QP&E)

In 2004, Credit Suisse began developing and implementing its plans to create what it called "One Bank" – the idea being to evolve an institution that once consisted of three separate businesses intojust one. Ultimately, "One Bank" aims to be the most efficient producer of innovative financial products whilst providing the highest quality and best value services and becoming a finance factory with the primary focus on the client. Following this vision, Jon Theuerkauf will discuss just how Lean Six Sigma is helping them achieve this goal and driving business results. This presentation will cover: Making the "One Bank" vision a reality: The major levers and how this is being achieved through Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence; optimising use of Lean Six Sigma, right-shoring and right-sourcing, and efficiency management; and creating best value services: achieving the balance between cost saving and service quality.

Presented by Jon Theuerkauf, Global Head Operational Excellence, Credit Suisse