Process Excellence Award Winners Announced

This information has been pre-authorised by applicants for release to the general public (let me know if you would also like the same information for the Honorary Mentions):

Eric Michrowski – Deployment Leader of the Year

• Eric leads the TELUS Process Improvement CoE which drives cross-functional improvements focused on the customer experience

• The CoE was recognised with the 2010 iSixSigma Top 10 Best Places to Work Award and was the fastest new entrant to make the list

• He is a Master Black Belt and Deployment Leader with nearly 15 years’ experience

• He has been involved in and led the deployment of operational excellence programs in 4 sectors

• Prior to joining TELUS, he led a Fixed Income Operations business through a highly successful turnaround that demonstrated dramatic customer experience, operational excellence, bottom line and employee engagement improvements

PolyOne Corporation – Best Business Process Excellence Program (Over 2 Years)

In October of 2008, PolyOne Corporation embarked on a full scale global Lean Six Sigma deployment in the midst of the economic downturn. PolyOne performed an enterprise wide gap analysis to identify five key strategic global platforms and then focused LSS resources to maximize results. These platforms were used to align project selection and business process improvement efforts throughout PolyOne’s regional businesses and functional groups. Priority was given to the two most critical issues, working capital and operating income. The results of this effort have been extraordinary from both an internal and external perspective. LSS is now at the core of PolyOne’s culture and in turn the company’s cash position and operating income have vastly improved leading to a 650% increase in shareholder value.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Best Start Up Business Process Excellence Program (Under 2 Years)

In the beginning it was imperative that Facilities Division take a DMAOC approach to understand (1) our major challenges in this process improvement journey and (2) our options for a sustainable implementation.

Senior leadership needed to communicate the clear message that all the future change initiatives were part of one strategy. We could not afford for these change initiatives to be confused with lack of direction or transient "flavors of the month" efforts. The "Three Pronged Approach" became our tag line and FOX our logo. We are still using them today. The "Three Pronged Approach" directly connected the Facilities Division to the lab’s strategic initiative of "a safe and efficient Berkeley lab".

NSWG4 – Best BPM Project

In October 2010, Naval Special Warfare Group Four conducted a two-day Kaizen event and standardized, streamlined and identified automation software specifications to track micro-purchase requirements to increase craft time on water and operational readiness. Following software validation and training from deck plate stakeholders, NSWG4 went live with "SWIFT" on April 18.

Because of purchasing standardization, visibility and forcing function, the cycle time for processing requirements has decreased from 6 to :U8 days. SEALS get their "stuff quicker."

The software requirements and design were developed by empowered employees from aU stakeholder groups. The ordering process improvement has been so successful, the project has already been replicated by other commands and will increase the number of users 300 to over 3,000 while tracking in excess of 25,000 purchases by the end of 2012. The entire Navy enterprise is seeking resources to deploy SWIFT to over 300,000 users.

CIBC – Best Process Improvement Project (Over 90 Days)

Fraud is a reality that all retail banks are faced with in today’s marketplace. Fraudsters’ techniques and behaviours have evolved and become more sophisticated. As such, fraud is a growing concern not only for CIBC but for financial institutions worldwide.

The impact of CIBC’s Cheque Fraud Reduction Project was considerable. Through the application of Lean Six Sigma principles CIBC has been able to improve fraud detection and recovery capabilities resulting in significantly decreased fraud related losses. Additionally, a strong, proactive client service experience has been achieved, which underscores the message that CIBC is taking active steps in preventing criminal activities that affect our clients.

TELUS – Best Process Improvement Project (Under 90 Days)

Network reliability is a fundamental component to delivering one of TELUS’ corporate priorities. The TELUS Maintenance Program (TMP) maintains the integrity of our network, and was in need of being updated with a focus on Lean.

A process view was taken to identify and reduce waste, and to support problem identification. Solutions were then developed with key participation from team members at an event, which resulted in immediate implementation and benefits realization within 90 days.

Reducing both costs and time associated with the TMP resulted in significant annual savings in operational efficiencies, allowing the savings to be redirected to revenue generating and other network reliability activities.

Tata Consultancy Services – Best Project Contributing to Organizational Value, Sustainability & Innovation

The offshore Market Research team delivers Issue, Analysis and Ad-hoc type of projects with an average CETI (Customer Estimated Time Index = Actual time /Estimated time X100) compliance of 77%.

There has been an increasing push by the customer top leadership to start increasing the compliance and build efficiency so that the delivery is aligned with the time estimation which will help end client more flexibility in terms of taking strategic business decisions. This will ultimately build more confidence in the offshore team and help grow business.

Hence DMAIC project was initiated with the goal : To increase % compliance to acceptable CETI (<120) from 77% to 90% by 1st Jan ’11.

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