Never, Ever, Ever Hire Grade B or C People in Your Management Team

Simon Calver, CEO of LOVEFiLM, explains the importance of hiring the best people.

We all know, but sometimes forget, that people want more than money to stay (or at least grade A people do anyway!)

Small business owners are at a disadvantage because of an unknown brand–so if you are a small business, you need to draw talent in from a winning management team. Talent will join you if you can stand next to a proven and potentially disruptive management team

Grade A people hire Grade A people–Grade C hire more Grade C people (or lower!)–as a leader, make an investment in surrounding yourself with a Grade A management team–because then grade A will cascade down the organization!

Find people with passion, and a track record of achievement!–this is essential–Why would somebody achieve for you if they haven’t achieved in the past!

Remember overachievers have a habit of overachieving–but the opposite is true too!

We’re all in sales–but don’t oversell when you’re recruiting!–it leads to major disconnect. Tell it as it is, but again, as all leaders should be doing, sell the vision and the hope.
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