Lean at Hess: Applying the 5S Approach in Warehousing

As businesses seek to save time and money, it can pay to look at low-tech ways to gain efficiency. A Lean principle that effectively amounts to a form of business "housekeeping" - the 5S methodology - is a relatively simple way of achieving efficiency gains without huge investment. The methodology is based on the idea that organizing and standardizing the workplace environment can make it a more efficient place to work through benefits such as making the tools workers need easy to find and eliminating excess inventory. 5S itself stands for sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining.

In this PEX Network video interview, Robert Ward, Knowledge Advisor at global energy company Hess, discusses how the company is applying a 5S approach in warehousing, maintenance and reliability to minimise waste, improve efficiencies and enhance productivity. He discusses the challenges of applying a 5S approach, describes the steps the company follows when holding a 5S "event" and comments on how the ensure that gains made during the 5S event can be sustained.

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