Making Change Stick and Inspiring Performance - Interview with Nimbus' Richard Parker

How do you get people to own business processes? End user engagement is what really makes the difference, says Richard Parker, Nimbus Founder and Global Sales Director for TIBCO software. In this PEX Network video interview, Richard discusses themes he sees emerging in how companies are approaching process improvement, what it means to put "process at the heart" of the company and the impact of uncertainty in the market on operational excellence programmes.

You can hear more from Nimbus during PEX Network's flagship event for the process community, Process Excellence Week. Start the year off right by join Nimbus and PEX Network 16-19 January 2012 in Orlando, Florida for the one process improvement event you really can't afford to miss. Nimbus will be hosting a discussion on how BPM and Lean Six Sigma can come together to deliver business led technology transformation. To sign up or request more information call +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 or email now.

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