Implementing Lean Six Sigma at Northrop Grumman

If you ever wanted to see an example of an organization that has managed to lead and embed a sustainable and business-led change program to revolutionize the way it does business, then you don’t want to miss this IQPC keynote address from its 10th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit. Christopher Cool, Sector Vice President Quality, Safety and Mission Assurance for Northrop Grumman, speaks of his organization’s journey of implementing an enterprise architecture to serve its process improvement purposes, leading to return of sales in the double digits for the first time ever for Cool’s sector amongst its many other accomplishments.

Cool highlights key change management takeaways by detailing how for 10 plus years he helped embed process improvement principles within the culture at Northrop Grumman, a critical factor in achieving success with his enterprise architecture deployment. You will learn the change management tactics he employed to create this quality and process improvement culture, which included getting leadership onboard and initiating internal media channels that helped to spread process improvement ideals throughout Northrop Grumman.

In addition, Cool explains how Northrop Grumman was able to take process improvement to the next level by leveraging Lean Six Sigma throughout its entire end-to-end value stream. You’ll learn how you can drill down to the metrics and process improvement projects that really matter and ensure that these process improvement projects are tied to your organizational strategy.

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