Organizational Agility Amidst Global Business Risk

Estelle Clark, Group Business Assurance Director, Lloyd's Register, joins Process Excellence Network to discuss risk and globalization, continuous improvement, leadership and success.

She outlines why business risk is complicated by the complex spread of activities and assets across the globe. She looks at the impact of big global disasters and problems upon Lloyd’s business – such as the BP Deepwater Horizon rig disaster and the increase of piracy in the Straits on Aden and instability in the Middle East and North Africa. She explains how the business responds to these changes from a process point of view to manage/mitigate risk, and offers some best practice tips for companies looking to minimise risk and be more agile in response to unpredictable events.

In a bid to offer some golden rules on developing a winning Continuous Improvement culture, Estelle explains just what ‘quality’ means in her role, pinpoints the most important attributes a leader needs to achieve success, and outlines the value of her hybrid Lean, Six Sigma, and "just get on with it" strategy. She also sheds some light on her Forrest Gump moment – and how exactly this approach can help in Process Improvement.


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