Starting up an Operational Excellence Program - Water Utility Case Study

How do you get an operational excellence programme up and running and sustain it over time? Severn Trent, supplies water and sewerage services to over 3 million households in the United Kingdom. In 2008, it began its operational excellence journey with a project-based approach to improve the frontline delivery of services to its customers. Three years later, the programme is flourishing with the establishment of a central operational excellence team and the rollout of the operational excellence to other departments within the company.
In this PEX Network video interview, Jane Miller, Change and OD Manager, at Severn Trent describes the early days of their program, talks about the importance of leadership and "storytelling" to their success, and offers her key lessons to others who are getting started with their operational excellence journey. It's very gratifying, she says, when people come up to you and say "You've completely changed my way of thinking about work."
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