Chuck Chada and Jim Cosco on the World's First Process Improvement Visionary Council

In this exclusive interview, Chuck Chada, Senior VP, Corporate Lean Six Sigma Strategic Initiatives, Xerox, and Jim Cosco, VP and Chief Quality Officer, Home Networks and Mobility, Motorola, discuss the highlights of the world's first Process Improvement Visionary Council held at IQPC's 11th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit in January 2010.

Chada and Cosco discuss:

• What made the Process Improvement Visionary Council a world's first
• The media's misperception of Lean Six Sigma
• How Lean Six Sigma can pull companies out of the recession
• Their predictions of how Lean Six Sigma will evolve in 2010 to more effectively meet the challenges of today's business environment
• How Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence can be used to proactively drive customer experience and top-line growth in this slow growth economy


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