A Happy Marriage? Lean Six Sigma and BPM

Emmanuel DeCroix, Global ACE Director, Corporate Investment Banking at BNP Paribas discusses the take-up of Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence principles in the financial services industry and the benefits in light of the global financial turmoil of recent years.

The interview covers the changes and challenges within the financial services industry since the financial crisis and recession and how companies need to adapt to thrive in the new economic and business climate. He reflects on the unique challenges thrown up by the recent flurry of M&A and restructuring activities – and the role of Business Process Excellence in evolution to help achieve a competitive edge. Emmanuel also explains the pull versus push approach to Process Excellence and outlines what a successful programme looks like. He also shares his ‘lessons learned’, tips for avoiding pitfalls and a round-up of the biggest challenges faced as a business leader. Finally, he reflects on where Business Process Management (BPM) sits within Lean and Six Sigma and indeed what good BPM looks like.


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