Business Process Management - a new cup of tea for Twinings

How a 300 year old business brought its processes up to date

It’s as British as red phone booths, double decker buses and James Bond. But when you think about a steaming hot mug of milky tea, business process management is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, for Twinings, a company founded in the 1700s when coffee, gin and ale were the most popular drinks in Britain, business process management has provided a new platform for future growth and helped the business be named as "one of Britain’s best places to work."

This video case study, provided by Nimbus, looks at the reasons the company decided to invest in process documentation and management, benefits achieved, and how improved process management not only means a better working environment for staff but also sets the company up to be able to pursue "new and innovative" ways of staying ahead of the competition.