Automating the invoicing process at the UK's PD Ports

PD Ports, a UK-based ports and logistics business, was struggling with manual processes that cost time, money and productivity. One process that was a large roadblock for the company was its proof-of-delivery (POD) scanning process. With increased demands to meet customer needs, PD Ports needed to implement business applications that would free up time so the company could focus on serving its customers. The company deployed K2 software to improve the quality of its invoicing process and saved £25,000 with the first solution it developed.

"We were able to save a significant amount of time from manually filing 500 PODs a week," said Nathan Clarke, business analyst. "We improved the invoicing process because the documentation was ready earlier, we could easily identify missing documentation, so we give the customers a better service, and we were able to invoice a lot quicker."

In this short video case study, Clarke describes how IT-enabled process improvement has helped the business realize its vision of building a platform for the future.

Independent research organization IDC has also written a case study on PD Ports' use of K2 software. It is available for download for free here.

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