Capgemini Consulting VP Operational Excellence Dr. Paul Donnellan on why process excellence needs to "join the digital party"

The impact of digital technology on today’s businesses has resulted in a revolution in the way we produce and use products and services. Organisations that ‘get it’ have evolved into a new breed of business - the Digirati – connected, agile, and very profitable. However, this new way of behaving isn’t just for the ‘techy’ folks at Google, Apple, eBay or Facebook - traditional businesses that have joined the party have seen huge benefits too – delivering a notable 26% profit uplift compared to their non-digital peers, says Dr. Paul Donnellan, Vice President of Operational Excellence at Capgemini consulting.

In this PEX Network Boardroom Perspectives interview, Dr. Donnellan discusses how digital will impact the business landscape in the decade ahead and why and how approaches to process excellence will need to evolve in order to keep up. He also comments on the new skills and capabilities that the process practitioners of the future will need to have.