PEX SURVEY: Are you measuring the right things?

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LONDON - 29 MAY 2012: What gets measured, gets managed - or so goes a common saying. Metrics are an important part of process improvement because they let you know how you're doing and what you could be doing better.

But how do you know if you are measuring the right things?

PEX Network and Forrester Research are teaming up to find out which metrics are commonly driving decision making in organizations today. Which metrics get used in the C-Suite? What are the most common metrics used to capture productivity, agility, quality and the customer experience? And, perhaps most importantly, which metrics are making the biggest difference within process improvement?

Forrester Research will be compiling the results of the survey and releasing a full report on the state of metrics in process improvement in September 2012. As a thank you for taking this 10-minute survey, all survey participants* will receive a full copy of the research report along with a copy of the Forrester Research report "Business Process Pros Hold The Key To 21st Century Business Transformation".

If you're interested, you're invited to take the survey now.

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*Survey Participants must enter a valid business e-mail to receive the report