New Strategic Meeting Designed to Drive Next-Level Strategies for Lean Leaders

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Tuesday, 20th April 2010, London, UK – Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ and IQPC present the Lean Leaders Meeting, taking place 5th-7th July 2010, at the CCT Venues at Canary Wharf in London, UK.

Although organisations have used Lean Process as a quick win tactical tool in the past, the current need for quick business results has pushed Lean as more a transformational strategy, and the business approach of choice. With companies hoping to invest in Lean as a continuous, enterprise-wide programme, the search for a cohesive model is increasing, along with the challenges that arise with the development and implementation of such a global process.

"In order to have sustained result, it really has to be a cultural change," comments Paul Nelson, Supply Chain Senior Director and Lean Transformation Leader at Shire Pharmaceuticals Inc. during a podcast interview with Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ.

Paul continues: "This is not the type of program where you would just get outside consultants to come in and do the work for you and then go away."

Investing in Lean calls for enabling and embedding it within business operations and culture, which is a complex and difficult task. As the central focus at the Lean Leaders Meeting, moderators steer away from traditional one-way conversations through presentations, and instead open a platform for Lean decision makers to discuss and debate the strategies for a faster and cost-effective way of deployment. Following the main meeting, two working groups, Lean Maturity Modelling and Creating Successful Customer Outcomes, will allow participants to utilize the information gained from the first two days of the meeting and to apply it to their current organisational needs.

Moderators currently come from companies including Nestle, AstraZeneca, GKN, Heart of England NHS Trust, ABB, Credit Suisse, SCA Packing, The Kings Fund, Virgin Media, Dell and Barclaycard.

The full meeting schedule is available at

Participation is by application only, with all interested attendees to ensure discussions are kept towards strategy and roadmapping, rather than the tools and techniques. Invitations can be requested through a Lean Leaders team member at or +44 (0)20 7368 9300. Pre-qualification surveys and additional information is available online at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kim Vigilia | IQPC, Anchor House, 15-19 Britten Street, London, SW3 3QL | Tel: +44 20 7368 9510