From 3:1 to 30:1 — How the Best Companies are Driving Extraordinary Returns from Their Investment in Lean Six Sigma

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i-nexus, a leading software vendor, invites you to join Paul Docherty, renowned Business Execution expert, as he shares best practices that could help your organization achieve extraordinary returns from your investment and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

The results are in. i-nexus’s 12 month study of the Lean Six Sigma deployments of over 100 leading organizations has identified a specific set of uncommon best practices that are enabling the upper quartile performers to drive an ROI of 30:1+ on their Lean Six Sigma investment. Universally applicable in public as well as private sector organizations, these best practices challenge conventional wisdom about how to deploy Lean Six Sigma – and can be applied right from the start of your deployment.

Join Paul Docherty in an online webinar on 6th May 10-11am (EDT), 3-4pm (GMT), as he shares his advice on best practice in Operational Excellence and how you can achieve an ROI of 30:1 on your Lean Six Sigma investment.

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