Top Tips for Operational Excellence in Health Care Process Improvement

Helen Winsor

Atil Koyuncu, director for Healthcare Delivery Process Improvement at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, talks to Helen Winsor of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ about achieving operational excellence and guarding against failure in health care Process Excellence. He begins by taking a look back at how process improvement philosophies have developed within the health care sector over the past five years.

Koyuncu recounts how his organization has implemented sustainability measures and adapted its process improvement program in-line with the current economic climate. He also outlines how performance of the program is measured, what key lessons have been learned over the years, and how to deal with failure. In addition, Koyuncu sums up the top components of his organization's 2011 strategy and discusses his outlook for long-term goals in health care delivery process improvement over the next three to five years.