Process Excellence at Sasol Petroleum

Exploration in East and Southern Africa has increased in recent months as a result of big oil and gas discoveries in Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and other countries. Meanwhile, as elsewhere the industry landscape is one of ever increasing production costs, growing regulatory pressure and the drive to enlarge profit margins. That means that the pressure to reduce waste and improve efficiency continues to mount, shifting the focus towards process and operational excellence.

In tihs Process Perspectives podcast, Simon Baloyi, Business Operations Manager at Sasol Petroleum, discusses how how his company has tackled some of these issues through process excellence.

Key questions addressed in this podcast:

  • What role does process excellence play within SASOL?
  • How did the company get started with Process Excellence?
  • What were some of the key challenges of embedding process excellence within the organization?
  • How did they overcome those challenges?
  • What’s the most important thing to know when you’re trying to develop business driven processes?