Interview with Rajesh Tyagi, Co-Author of A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard

Genna Weiss

A business scorecard has long been upheld as an effective measurement tool, but is it a perfect performance measurement system for all industries? Dr. Rajesh Tyagi says no. In his latest book, A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard: Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Measurement (FT Press 2008), which is co-written with Praveen Gupta, Tyagi makes the case for an adapted scorecard that specifically reflects the needs of service businesses. In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ discusses with Tyagi what inspired him and Gupta to come up with their revised version of the business scorecard—the service scorecard—what went into its design and how it translates into a more effective measure of performance for the service sector.

Tyagi is currently affiliated with the Department of Logistics and Operations Management at HEC Montreal.