Improving Public Health with Lean Six Sigma

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Genna Weiss

Three years ago, when leaders from a couple of public health departments decided to explore using more advanced Lean Six Sigma tools for their process improvement efforts, Grace Duffy — along with Dr. John Moran — helped make this initiative become a reality. Since this deployment, the methodology has been well accepted within the public health community.

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ speaks with Duffy, who is the president of Management and Performance Systems and co-author with Dr. Moran of The Public Health Quality Improvement Handbook and QFD and Lean Six Sigma for Public Health.

Duffy reveals:

• How Lean Six Sigma can currently address the major inefficiencies within public health, which include the need to smooth over cross-functional handoffs of processes
• What needs to be put in place prior to your public health organization deploying Lean Six Sigma
• The critical factors for ensuring a successful deployment rollout
• What you can do to better meet the challenges of sustaining your public health organization’s Lean Six Sigma program