How to Achieve an Award Winning Process Excellence Program—A Lloyd’s Register Case Study

Genna Weiss

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Estelle Clark, Group Business Assurance Director at Lloyd’s Register and Mark Bracey, Head of Business Improvement at Lloyd’s Register, who discuss how their 250 year old company has implemented an effective Process Excellence program—and why their company was awarded "Best Start-Up" at IQPC’s 10th Annual Process Excellence Awards.

You will hear how the need to create an effective management system to pull together Lloyd’s Register’s five disparate businesses into an aligned group drove the company to begin its Process Excellence program. Clark and Bracey describe the challenges coming into the improvement program’s implementation and how they used a balanced scorecard to measure the progress of the improvement program’s deployment. They also describe how Lloyd’s Register ensured that Process Excellence was embedded within the company culture by tying Process Excellence early on to the corporate strategy of the organization.


Clark and Bracey reveal Lloyd’s Register’s other award-winning projects in the Best Process Improvement in Service and Transaction Projects and the Best Project in Under 90 Days categories. Clark also gives a sneak peak of what she will be presenting at the 5th Annual IQPC European Business Excellence Summit, which runs from October 26- 29, 2009.