How Business Transformation Can Better Align Your Organization’s Business With Its Customer

Genna Weiss

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Thom Keehan, Chief Operating Officer and Business Transformation Leader for GE Capital Banking Romania. Keehan discusses how Business Transformation can help your organization more effectively align its business with its customer.


Business Transformation can align a company’s processes and products to run a straight line from customer input to customer output in order to better satisfy customers’ expectations. Keehan shares the critical key steps for deploying Business Transformation, which include ensuring that your workers from the bottom-up understand the task at hand and how their work affects their organization’s customers, in addition to having top-down support for Business Transformation from the CEO and senior management level. He stresses that organizations must expand process improvement throughout the entire value stream, and he shows how Business Transformation can achieve this goal by realigning operations away from silos. Keehan also explains how the breaking down of these silos will actually help your organization deliver its services and products more quickly to its customers.