Ensuring Your Program Management Stays on Track

Genna Weiss

Ensuring Process Excellence program management stays on track is a key challenge for any quality-focused organization. Adding to this program management challenge are the short-term business pressures that stem from the current economic crisis, leading many organizations to feel the need to refrain from staying on-course with their Process Excellence program initiatives.

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Chuck Gillis—Principal Consultant for Work Stream Consulting and a judge for the Best Improvement Program category at IQPC’s 10th Annual Process Excellence Summit and Awards—who discusses how your organization can meet these program management challenges head-on by explaining what it takes to keep your Process Excellence program sustainable and capable of producing results. You will hear the key attributes of what an effective Process Excellence program should look like, which include a well communicated use of metrics, strong Process Excellence training programs for your employees and project selection tied to corporate strategy. In addition, Gillis provides examples of key tactics to use for reaching your goal of achieving a sustainable Process Excellence program.

Gillis also goes over the common pitfalls that befall many Process Excellence programs, such as poor project selection, projects that go off track and inadequate commitment of leadership to the Process Excellence program, and he provides strategies on how to avoid them. In addition, Gillis explains why it’s more important than ever to have organizations remain committed to their Process Excellence programs during this economic crisis.