"Empowering staff can’t be just lip service"

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The more cumbersome it is for someone to engage in improvement work, the less likely they are to engage. That was the sentiment of Dr. Greg Jacobson when he was a doctor working in the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.
The trouble was that with the shift work and complex work patterns and structures common to hospitals, actually getting people to not only contribute ideas, but also feel part of the ensuing solutions is a lot easier said than done.
Dr. Jacobson, now Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of KaiNexus, joins the program to talk about some of his research in engaging staff in continuous improvement and how that lead to the development of a web-based system for capturing and progressing staff ideas. He also tells us which Lean concepts he found most applicable to healthcare and his thoughts on how the healthcare operations of the future will look.
Read a transcript of this interview here.