Avoiding the common errors of change management: Interview with Nokia Siemen's Ashutosh Pandey

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Making changes to processes is actually quite easy but the challenging part is getting the organization to not only commit to the changes but stick with them over time. Like new year's resolutions and fad diets, it's very easy for companies to slip into old habits once the initial enthusiasm fades away. That's where change management techniques can help, argues the guest in this Process Perspectives podcast. Ashutosh Pandey, Quality, Strategy & Operations Management Lead at
Nokia Siemens Networks, says that appropriate use of change management techniques can help process professionals to gain and sustain momentum for process change initiatives and offers his thoughts on the common errors that companies often make.

Questions addressed in this podcast:

  • Why is proper change management so important during process change initiatives?
  • What would you say are the top 3 common errors that companies make when embarking on process change?
  • What does good change management look like?
  • What kind of leadership behaviours and mindsets are necessary for change leaders?
  • What can attendees expect to learn at your workshop at our upcoming Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence Asia summit?