Best Practices for Aligning the Customer Experience with Process Improvement: A Covance Case Study

Genna Weiss

In this economy, all organizations must understand what their customers value. Savvy organizations know that their process improvement initiatives must positively impact the customer experience, but this may be easier said than done. In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Dr. Diane Francisco, Director of Client Solutions within the department of Strategic Partnering and Integrated Drug Development at Covance, who shares Covance’s best practices for aligning the customer experience with process improvement.

Dr. Francisco, who is also an advisory board member for Six Sigma IQ, describes how her group at Covance was designed specifically to focus solely on the needs of the company’s clients by helping to develop integrated processes that will provide value back to the client. Covance has leveraged specific metrics, such as the Net Promoter Score, to create and monitor this alignment. Dr. Francisco also goes into detail about how Covance has created a special process for monitoring and managing the company’s dashboards and highlights its application in a case study. You will also hear about Covance’s initiative to create customer-centric dashboards, which would allow the company to understand what the client experiences across all business units and ultimately help the company to more effectively redesign its processes.

In addition, Dr. Francisco imparts simple strategies that your organization can follow in order to achieve better alignment of the customer experience with its own process improvement initiatives.