A Wrap Up of IQPC’s 10th Annual Process Excellence Summit and Awards

Genna Weiss

If you had been interested in attending IQPC’s 10th Annual European Process Excellence Summit and Awards this year but couldn’t attend, the Profit through Process podcast will get you up to speed with what took place on April 21-22 in London. Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with Megan James—Summit Director for IQPC’s European Process Excellence Summit—who provides a quick wrap up of the event. You will hear how this year’s event covered a wide breath of industries—telecom, finance, manufacturing, energy and pharmaceuticals—and learn about the major companies that were represented, such as Virgin Media, Tesco, BP and Scottish Power. You will also hear how the Process Excellence Summit introduced a speed networking center which Summit attendees were able to leverage to make valuable contacts.

She also reveals major Process Excellence themes that were addressed at the summit such as strategic transformation initiatives, quick wins and the role of cost cutting versus more long term profit generation, as well as the interesting and surprising trends that emerged from the speakers’ presentations and interactive workshops. In addition, she discusses the prime highlight of the Process Excellence Summit, the Awards, and shares some of the judges’ feedback regarding this year’s Summit Award winners.

She shares what can be expected for next year’s Process Excellence Summit, sharing how the Summit will continue to focus on new tools and ideas, as well as moving in the direction of showcasing a more integrated, strategic business transformation approach within the realm of process improvement.