Process Fun of the Week: A lesson in waste removal…

Sam Miranda

Whisky connoisseurs, look away now....

PEX Network’s process fun of the week presents you with a business blooper from Scotland, a country well known for its quality whisky (you’ve only got to look at Sir Alex Ferguson’s nose).

Workers at Chivas Brothers – the company behind popular brands such as Chivas Regal and Ballantine’s – inadvertently discarded thousands of litres of black-label whisky at its Dumbarton bottling plant.

The incident, which is more 80-proof than mistake-proof, occurred on a night shift, when the workers confused whisky with waste water while cleaning equipment.

The ‘accidental loss,’ as Chivas calls it, saw 18,000 litres of whisky accidently flushed away according to the Scottish Sun. Suspicions were aroused when sewage workers picked up on the spirit’s distinctive smell.

Whoops - lost all of it down the drain...

Chivas have reported the blunder to Scottish Water, who will be taking steps to prevent any effects of contamination. The impact on the country’s rampant salmon population remains to be seen.