The Blended Learning Playbook: Using Lean Six Sigma Methods to Improve Lean Six Sigma Training

Much like a sports playbook, The Blended Learning Playbook was developed as a practical guide toward a successful outcome—in this case, the design and implementation of a Blended Learning model for Lean Six Sigma training. In this playbook, you will find all the information you need to make the business case for Blended Learning, as well as guidelines to help design a blended training model.

The playbook covers these topics and more:

  1. Why purely instructor-led training is insufficient and not Lean
  2. How multi-modal and practice-based training methods yield more capable Lean Six Sigma professionals
  3. What Third-Generation Blended Learning looks like and how you can achieve it
  4. Which modes of learning are commonly available and their strengths and weaknesses
  5. Best practices for all people involved in implementing a blended training initiative

Throughout the book, the authors chronicle the real-life activities of Lean Six Sigma deployments of differing maturities and sizes. The playbook’s goal is to help your deployment more easily complete the transition from a traditional instructor-led classroom training model to a more efficient blended model that includes online training, classroom exercises, simulation, coaching and other adult-learning techniques.

Published by in 2009