Practically Lean: DIY Guide to Lean for SMEs

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Book title: Practically Lean

Author: Nigel Barnes

Practically Lean is a new book giving small and medium enterprises a useful boost in being able to ride out the current economic storm. Many large organisations turn to top consultancies to give them a new perspective and to find innovative new ways to improve during these difficult times. However, this is not an option for many smaller businesses, especially those struggling to keep afloat.

This new illustrated guide, backed up with a wealth of online resources has been developed to give these small businesses that same advantage, explaining the core principles behind lean management and guiding the reader along logical, jargon-free steps so they can implement their own business changes and increase their competitiveness regardless of industry sector.

The philosophy behind Practically Lean is to help the reader understand the key lean
management principles so they can then make the changes that are right for their own
business and the way they work. The book is not prescriptive, but guides the reader by asking questions and getting them to formulate their own answers. The result is very pragmatic and readable, with techniques, tips, information, checklists and planners, so the user can get to work immediately.

The book is available in print and also in electronic book format, the latter having the advantage of direct links to the supporting website.

"Times are tough, and this guide gives small businesses access to the key elements of lean management that larger organisations have had for years. It will help them take a step back and challenge and re-think how they are currently working in a positive and constructive way." said Nigel Barnes.

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