New Neuroscience-Based Leadership Book Published by EGL CEO-in-Residence Larry Duckworth

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New Neuroscience-Based Leadership Book Published by EGL CEO-in-Residence Larry Duckworth

(Contact: Sal Massaro at 404-949-8303)

The Primordial Leadership© by Larry Duckworth was just published by Morgan James Publishing of New York City. The Primordial Leadership© book’s and related seminars helps current "C-Level" P & L leaders achieve better results and enables Middle Managers to build a competitive advantage and exceed expectations. The second book, Primordial Marketing and Sales©, is planned for 2014.

According to EGL's Massaro, "Larry Duckworth's 25+ years of successful C-leadership experiences, MBA with honors, adjunct teaching at three universities and extensive research into the Neuroscience/Sociobiology of human behavior have combined to reveal the controversial but deepest, most powerful, most pervasive, not previously revealed secret code to all human behavior that can quickly be leveraged for materially better results. Larry also demonstrates how strategic and tactical envisioning are the keys to being at the top of the power pecking order. Larry is also a frequent transformation and change management presenter for the prestigious Process Excellence Network (

Augmented by seminars and webinars where leadership "how-to" tools will be made available for use, Primordial Leadership© and Primordial Marketing and Sales© go far beyond heralded insights from Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Collins, Covey, Drucker, and other well known leadership and marketing and sales authors, most of whom were from academia but had never actually been a line leader directly responsible for must-do results. Early feedbacks are "Terrific book," "The best seminar I have ever attended," and "GREAT presentation on Primordial Change Management."

As CEO-in-Residence, Larry’s insights from Primordial Leadership© and Primordial Marketing and Sales©, and his prior operational leadership experience allows EGL to assist middle market growth companies in improving their earnings and financial condition, and to better position themselves to attract debt or equity capital, to execute strategic acquisitions/divestitures and to exit the business, thereby providing an optimal realization event for shareholders. With its operating and corporate finance approach, EGL is uniquely positioned to create value for middle market companies.

The Primordial Leadership© book is currently available from 40 tools), and can be pre-ordered from A link is provided at E-book versions are coming soon.

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