Competing for Customers and Winning with Value: Breakthrough Strategies for Market Dominance

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R. Eric Reidenbach and Reginald W. Goeke

2006, ASQ Press

This book brings together, for the first time, two very powerful concepts: customer value and competitive planning. Together they create a powerful tool that will generate breakthrough strategies for market dominance. The previously fashionable metrics of customer satisfaction have proven to be poor predictors of business performance, whereas the linkages between customer value and performance measures such as market share and profitability have been identified and documented. Value has been shown to be one of the best predictors of market share and customer loyalty available. Developing a system to harness value as a competitive weapon is an essential next step.

Competing with Customers presents a competitive planning template that enables organizations to actually harness their value creation and delivery systems to enhance their market performance. It is a planning system that focuses at the level where the organization makes money: selling products or services to people in specific markets or market segments. Readers will discover a clear blueprint for crafting breakthrough, value-added strategies. For many readers, it will challenge the way they look at their competition, their markets and their industries. Competition will never look the same.