6 Essential ingredients of Six Sigma deployment

Shady El Safty

Many organizations fail to properly structure and support continuous improvement initiatives, writes contributor Shady El Safty. If you want to succeed, here are 6 factors you can't afford to ignore.

Although most organizations want to improve quality and reduce costs, the implementation of continuous improvement tools and methods have often not achieved the required results. Many organizations fail to properly structure and support continuous improvement initiatives.

The concept of Six Sigma, which has been applied in many world class organizations such as General Electric and Motorola, proved to be one of the most effective tools for process improvement, and cost reduction .

The identification of the critical success factors of Six Sigma is an essential step to reduce both the time and cost of Six Sigma implementation, as well as to ensure its sustainability.

Are you missing any of the critical ingredients?

Recent research defined the 6 critical success factors that are essential for the effective implementation of Six Sigma. They are:

#1: Leadership commitment and involvement

The ongoing support of senior leadership and management is the most important factor for successful implementation of Six Sigma. From the literature, it is evident that behind most of the major success stories of Six Sigma implementation is a very supportive and committed CEO.

#2: Training and development

Training and education of team members is very important, top management must ensure effective Six Sigma training programs to ensure successful implementation of Six Sigma.

#3: Shared vision and goals

The executive team must share the vision and goals with employees to ensure successful implementation of Six Sigma.

#4: Measuring and monitoring performance

Top management must follow up on the progress of Six Sigma implementation and the progress of the projects to ensure successful implementation and returning on investment.

#5: Teamwork

Top management must ensure the spirit of teamwork among all team members to ensure the successful implementation of Six-sigma.

#6: Genuine focus on the customer’s need is key

Continuous improvement initiatives should begin and end with the customer. At the heart of operational excellence is the identification of the customer and key stakeholders’ needs.