Quiz: What type of business networker are you?

Networking is a crucial part of business success and one of the key reasons that people attend our conferences. By networking with your peers, you can exchange ideas and get tips on how to overcome common problems. Plus, you never know who might help you get that leg up on your next job.

Does the thought of walking into a room of people you don't know leave you sweaty palmed and looking for the nearest exit. Have no fear - you're definitely not alone. There are roughly 8 types of people that you can find out any sort of event - whether it's social or professional.

Here they are:

  1. The Homing Pigeon: The person who sticks with own colleagues through the entire event.
  2. The Rabbit in the Headlights: Very nervous - limp and sweaty handshake - would clearly prefer to be elsewhere - probably in bed with a cup of cocoa!
  3. The Bore: Dominates the conversation with boring details about life, family, work and thoughts on every subject under the sun (usually in a loud voice). Tends to corner their prey.
  4. The Married to the Buffet Table (MBT): Seeks refuge in food. Doesn’t say much as difficult to eat and speak at same time.
  5. The Suspect Alcoholic: Similar to the MBT, but prefers drink. Becomes slowly inebriated throughout the event and tends to fix people with a glassy stare and a stupid grin.
  6. The Lounge Lizard: Usually male and tends to frequent such events regularly, primarily for the objective of meeting attractive women.
  7. The Limpet: Locates a friendly face and sticks with that person the whole evening. Very difficult to shake.
  8. The Butterfly: Flits from one group to another without contributing too much. Tends to be unfocussed and always looking for the next opportunity. Hard to engage the Butterfly in any meaningful conversation.

As PEX Network gears up for the annual PEX Week Europe next week here in London we've come up with a short quiz to help you determine your networking "style". Are you a loung lizard or homing pigeon? Do you have work to do or are you a role model for others? Take our short quiz to find out!

Score yourself on a scale of 1 – 4 in terms of how much you agree with each statement and how it applies to you.

1 = Not at all
2 = Somewhat
3 = Pretty much
4 = Absolutely

Ready? Let's get started!

Click here to download an excel sheet to make scoring a breeze. (To download, simply go to "File" and then "Download As")

1. I know the values and principles that are important in my life and my business:
2. I can list five major achievements of which I am proud:
3. I am clear about my expertise and the resources I can provide others:
4. I know my own power as a networker
5. I have a list of long- and short-term goals that I review regularly
6. I introduce myself in a clear, concise and personable way that generates interest:
7. I am at ease in groups and use conversation generators effectively:
8. I reintroduce myself to people rather than waiting for them to remember me:
9. I focus on people as they are introduced so that I can remember them:
10. I am comfortable playing host at networking events:
11. I am comfortable promoting and creating visibility for myself and my business:
12. I always keep plenty of business cards handy for each networking opportunity:
13. I make notations on business cards I receive as memory joggers and follow-up:
14. I receive and give acknowledgements daily:
15. I nurture my network with calls, notes, referrals and resources in a timely and appropriate manner:
16. I have personalized stationery or notepaper:
17. My business card file is organised and up-to-date:
18. I use an effective time management system:
19. My daily action list is completed each day with items transferred or checked off:
20. I do what is in front of me rather than creating more items on my action list
21. I return phone calls and emails within 24 hours:
22. I say no to events, activities, and meetings that drain my time, energy and focus:
23. I prepare for networking events in order to maximize the opportunity:
24. I ask for and use the support of others:
25. I find opportunities to ask "Who do you know who…..?
26. I follow up promptly on leads and referrals:
27. I regularly give referrals to and make requests of my network:
28. I trust and follow my intuition:
29. I am committed to the success of the people in my network:
30. I am known for the high level of service I provide:
31. I am an active and perceptive listener:
32. I operate with integrity and professionalism in all my interactions and endeavors:
33. I approach each contact and opportunity with an open mind:
34. I am known as a powerful networker with an established and resourceful network:
35. I use networking to benefit myself and others personally as well as professionally:
36. I see the world as one big network:
37. Networking is a way of life for me:


Total Score: 130 – 148

You are a powerful and confident networker. A role model for others.

Total Score: 100 – 129

You are an effective networker and have potential to be a powerful one.

Total Score: 75 – 99

You are a resourceful networker and are gaining skills.

Total Score: 55 – 74

You tend to be rather shy and this will impact networking opportunities.

Below 55

You are definitely the Lone Ranger!