Another eight ideas for successful implementation of Lean Management

#14: Leaders must thoroughly understand, believe in, and live the company's "way"

All leaders must understand the work in detail and know how to involve people. If the top is not driving the transformation, it will not happen. Then, to keep the results sustainable you must have a system for both result- based and process based performance measurement including measures for velocity of the overall business process and the individual business processes.

#15: Create a positive atmosphere

Be tolerant towards mistakes committed in lean environment with a supportive and learning attitude. Have patience with progress as this will be key to get results and also try to create a blame free supportive environment. Have courage to take risks at crucial stages to push things and resources to meet the plan and achieve results.

#16: Use experts for teaching and getting quick results

The word "sensei" is used in Japan with some reverence to refer to a teacher who has mastered the subject. A company needs a sensei to provide technical assistance and change management advice when it is trying something for the first time to help facilitate the transformation, get quick results, and keep the momentum building.

A good teacher will not do it all for you. You need to get lean knowledge into your company, either by hiring experts or by hiring outside experts as consultants. To develop a lean learning enterprise you need to build internal expertise—senior executives, improvement experts, and group leaders who believe in the philosophy and will spread lean throughout the organization over time.

We find that this approach is essential as education without application is so often a waste for all. Support at this stage will come in the form of middle management facilitation to ensure that the team is able to deliver on time against their implementation plan.

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#17: Be Data Driven

Without data, you are left with opinions. Make sure that all decisions taken to optimize processes are based on sound data. This assists in taking the emotion out of key decisions and promotes acceptance.

#18: Track performance and make results visible

Real time data tracking is best. Ensure all processes have key measures and review them regularly.

#19: Benchmark with other companies

Visit other companies that have successfully implemented lean to get ideas and understanding; other companies are often delighted to present their lean implementation progress. Networking is key to ensure global understanding with other companies implementing Lean.

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#20: Set up a Lean Enterprise Steering Team

This team would be responsible to provide support in the planning, resourcing, implementation, and follow-up accountability for implementation. The steering team is often identical to the normal line management team. The internal resources and external consultants would provide consulting support to the team. This infrastructure would resolve inter-departmental issues

#21 : Don't celebrate too early or give up too soon

Lean is a journey. When you've optimized your process - start again! The aim is to build a culture of continuous improvement for sustainability.