5 Great Podcasts on... Customers

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Ian Hawkins


Basil Fawlty once said of a departing hotel guest, ‘A satisfied customer – we should have him stuffed.’ But Basil, being the fictional central character in a ‘70s sitcom about a hotel lived before the Age of Podcasting. How was he to know not to leave deceased guests in other guests’ wardrobes, pour cream into a customer’s briefcase or set fire to the staff?

This week’s pick of the podcasts takes a customer’s-eye view of Process Excellence. Before you beat your car with a branch or impersonate a dictator, you might want to listen in and see if you’ve missed a trick…


Ep.35: Sally Toister, Marriott

The Senior Director of Operational Excellence and Six Sigma (US & Canada) for Marriott Hotels, Sally Toister says that the entire business is built around customer experience. From a process improvement perspective Sally has to balance running a business  that speaks to the bottom line with delivering on the customer experience which establishes loyalty in the brand.

Ep.36: Jorgen Lislerud, Circle K

Recorded at the Nordic RPA & AI Summit in Stockholm, Jorgen Lislerud joins us and takes us through the Circle K rebrand making them a global organization representing convenience and delivering great customer experience. Jorgen is working on RPA with a program up and running in customer service, finance, fuel and HR operations. The program began under the radar but after experiencing key wins, the program was rolled out in multiple functions.

Ep.21: Paco Underhill

Celebrated Author of ‘Why We Buy’ Paco Underhill built his reputation on helping businesses understand what customers were doing in their establishments and sharing what the merchants could do to improve their customer's experience. Expect insight on what drives customers and how that’s changed over the years.


Ep.33: Dana Wilson, Comcast

Recorded at OPEX San Diego, Vice President Customer Assurance for Comcast Dana Wilson joins us and shares that very early on in her life she had a love of math science and engineering. Proving that life doesn’t always work out as planned, she found herself working on the Olympics – with a global audience - for Comcast.

Ep.56: Sebastian Antony, Barclay's

Sebastian Antony says that if you say you’re customer-centric, you’ve got to prove it in your actions. With financial services at the forefront of automation and in a competitive, highly regulated industrial ecosystem,  keeping the customer happy is just one plate that needs to be kept spinning.