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The Secret to Unleashing an Unstoppable Improvement Culture

In this whitepaper learn how to identify and overcome the causes of a weak process culture to create a successful and sustainable culture of continuous improvement. Overcoming resistance to change is a key challenge for organizations embarking...

Thu, 02/11/2016
Jeff Cole

Columnist Jeff Cole on tactics you can use to gain influence within your organization.

The ability to influence others has long been considered a key to success in any organization where there are humans.   (Machinery, on the other hand,...

Contributor: Jeff Cole
Tue, 02/09/2016
[Infographic] An OpEx Roadmap to Success in Oil & Gas
Now is the time to rejuvenate the oil and gas industry through operational excellence (OpEx).Surviving in the market today demands more than reducing costs, eliminating efficiencies and maximising processes. An OpEx strategic plan of action is...
Tue, 11/03/2015
Leadership, Culture and Behavior to Support OpEx Transformation
Many things are creeping up the corporate agenda of many oil and gas companies today, but implementing changes in leadership thinking and behaviours to effectively embrace and support organizational transformation is certainly one of the key ones....
Mon, 10/26/2015
The Future of Operational Excellence
Making the ‘human system’ the focal point of transformation efforts unleashes extraordinary, tangible results.Focusing on the human system (the organization culture) not only leads to a business impact five to eight times greater than initial...
Wed, 10/21/2015
Achieving Operational Excellence in Unconventional Oil & Gas
The recent slump in oil prices has affected the oil and gas industry from the South China Sea to Gulf of Mexico, squeezing operating budgets and assets alike. One huge potential growth area in the oil and gas market is the unconventional space and...
Mon, 10/19/2015
Manoj Patel
I’ve been asked by many of my clients: "What’s the best way to pull a successful change team together?" Now, there are many views on this out there but I like to keep it simple! As Bruce Lee once said: "simplicity is genius".Firstly, you need to...
Contributor: Manoj Patel
Tue, 10/13/2015
Ensuring Change Program Success - The 2015 Maturity Report
How do you ensure change program success? The answer: start with customer experience and business architecture.This report explores the drivers of project success and failure; highlighting the key traits that will help you set up your change program...
Wed, 10/07/2015
OpEx in Oil & Gas Calgary Pulse Check
Ahead of the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Executive Roundtables event (December 1 - 2, 2015) in Calgary, this infographic reveals current Oil and Gas market conditions and challenges senior executives are currently encountering and...
Wed, 09/30/2015
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