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Joanne Sweeney Burke

Social networking sites are a gold mine of information about customers for companies, says Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Director of Digital Training Institute. However, the challenge is interpreting that data intelligently. In this interview,...

Contributor: Joanne Sweeney-Burke
Wed, 03/16/2016
David Grant

Interview with David Grant, Chief Data Officer at Lloyds Bank

Data is there to facilitate businesses "doing something", says David Grant, Chief Data Officer at Lloyds bank. In this interview, Grant describes how businesses are learning...

Contributor: David Grant
Wed, 03/02/2016
Help Wanted: Must Get Rid of Murky Data Swamps

Technical issues and lack of skills top the big data challenges for companies, according to new research published in a PEX Network Report "Deriving Value from the Data Deluge." The findings underline that most companies are still at...

Contributor: Process Excellence Network
Tue, 02/23/2016
Deriving Value from the Data Deluge

Various sources of information are providing companies access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. While Big Data offers the promise of...

Mon, 02/22/2016
5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Applications

Analysts predict that smart computing software will become a $48 billion market and have proclaimed that we are in an era of data-driven marketing and sales.

Designing compelling data-driven experiences remain as much of an art as it is a...

Tue, 11/24/2015
A Behind The Scenes Look at Telefónica’s Evolving Big Data External Monetisation Model
In this never before told full story behind Telefônica’s external monetization journey, Jason McGee-Abe, Editor of PEX Network, speaks to Lorraine Stone, UK Country Director, Telefônica Dynamic Insights, about the origins of its Big Data Smarts...
Thu, 10/29/2015
Achieving Operational Excellence in Unconventional Oil & Gas
The recent slump in oil prices has affected the oil and gas industry from the South China Sea to Gulf of Mexico, squeezing operating budgets and assets alike. One huge potential growth area in the oil and gas market is the unconventional space and...
Mon, 10/19/2015
Jason McGee-Abe
A new era of mainstream adoption continues to open up for organizations across the globe. Big data and advanced analytics technology offer the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations and our customers, enabling us to not only...
Contributor: Jason McGee-Abe
Mon, 10/19/2015
Ronald van Loon
Every online professional working for a TELCO, TRAVEL or E-COMMERCE company knows that the usability of a website is a key factor in terms of the amount of sales it generates. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is the number one guideline when it comes to...
Contributor: Ronald van Loon
Tue, 10/13/2015
3 Reasons Why Oil & Gas needs OPEX
In the build up to Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Executive Roundtables (Calgary), where oil and gas leaders meet to execute on strategy and create a clear path to operational excellence (OPEX), this piece takes a look at why the challenges...
Mon, 10/12/2015
18 results
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