You Can’t Put Lipstick on a Pig: Re-Thinking Your Processes for Mobile BPM Success.

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Today’s mobile users are hungry. Hungry for information, for speed. They want more, they want it quick, and they want it now. The benefits of implementing mobile BPMS are obvious, so surely we should extend our process applications mobile? Is it as simple as that?

No. To truly delight our customers, we must go beyond simply replicating existing processes and putting them on the iPhone. We need to go beyond taking into account different devices and screen sizes. True mobility means putting the customer NOT the process first.

Whether streamlining processes using native mobile functions, enriching the user context or reviewing navigation, the value comes by scrutinizing every step in your process and re-thinking it for YOUR customers’ journey.

This practical five-step paper guides you through the key strategic considerations to help you achieve maximum business value from your BPM mobility strategy. Invention is key to mobile BPMS success. It’s certainly an effort worth making if your aim is to delight your customers.

To find out more about how mobility has the potenetial to redefine processes, read PEX Network's interview with Bizagi CEO, Gustavo Gomez, here