George Wyeth Goes Green With Lean and Six Sigma

As the emerging economies of China and India continue to expand, resource scarcity has come to the forefront as a top global business concern. Consequently, many organizations are beginning to take a closer look at how they can produce environmental savings, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. In this 10th annual IQPC Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit presentation, George Wyeth, Director, Policy and Program Change Division, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shows how your organization can make the transition of going green using Lean and Six Sigma.

[eventPDF]With regard to dwindling global resources, Wyeth offers advice on how your organization can eliminate waste in materials, energy and water through innovative Lean and Six Sigma initiatives, all with the objective of becoming a greener and more competitive company. Wyeth provides different methods of going green, such as choosing to approach process improvement projects from an environmental savings standpoint or starting with cost saving projects that produce environmental savings along the way. He highlights both approaches by delivering compelling case studies, such as General Electric, Baxter Healthcare and Columbia Paint & Coatings, to prove his point. In addition, Wyeth shows where you can access tools from the EPA to help your organization get started on its green journey.
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