Business Process Management (BPM): The Business Process Evolution

An initial hurdle facing companies that are starting their BPM journey is to select the first processes to understand, analyze and automate. This is now reasonably well understood. Beyond these first steps, we still find many challenges. While the concept of continuous process improvement is solid, experiences and best practices are less hardened and are subject to interpretation. Gaining insight into the process by knowing what to measure and how to present it is one key area requiring attention. The intangibles surrounding continuous process improvement also need further exploration. Matters such as governance and ongoing business participation become key factors to BPM success.

In this video, recorded on location during PEX Week North America, Eric Herness, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Business Process Management at IBM and Stewart Mixon, Chief Operating Officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, explore process insight, continuous process improvement and key linkages between them.