Business Process Management (BPM) in 2013: Trends and Priorities

Business Process Management (BPM) has traditionally been the bridge between business and IT, says Nathaniel Palmer, Editor in Chief at, but recently BPM has been blasting away at that divide and is "forcing business and IT to become one function. "

In this video interview, Palmer discusses what he sees as the increasingly important role of BPM in the enterprise, the rise of new data-powered processes, and the key trends that he sees driving BPM in the year ahead.


Questions discussed in this interview:

  • Do you think BPM is moving higher up the agenda of business executives?
  • What's causing that? (Has business changed or BPM changed or both?)
  • There are those who have traditionally seen BPM as owned by IT rather than by the business or by process improvement teams. Do you think this should and perhaps is becoming less of the case today?
  • What do you see as some of the key BPM trends in the year ahead?
  • Finally, if you had to pick one thing that you think process professionals need to be thinking about for 2013, what would it be and why?