PEX Network launches online event to help APAC access enterprise automation


PwC predicts that the APAC Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market will grow by 203% by 2021, to USD $2.9bn.

With businesses keen to tap into game-changing technologies like RPA and Business Process Management (BPM), PEX Network has marshalled speakers from Coca-Cola to talk about the continent-wide rollout of their BPM program that increased capability while cutting costs, and mining giant BHP Billiton who explain how the techology has helped them clear the hurdles to growth that have held other businesses back. Both are featuring in a free-to-attend online event aimed at businesses in APAC. 

"Our commitment to sharing the most up-to-date and relevasnt information is what makes PEX Network an essential resource for any business that wants to work smarter, more efficiently and more profitably," said Ian Hawkins, Editor, PEX Network. "We're giving our members access to world-class experts in enterprise automation." 

Event producer Jennifer Pham said: "There is a perception that when it comes to enterprise technology, the APAC region is behind the rest of the world, but we are finding there is real enthusiasm from ambitious business leaders, to learn best practice and explore opportunities."

The event is run by the same team behind Process Mining Live and RPA & AI Live which became the world's largest online events on these topics. Jennifer Pham said, "We have a reputation and an audience that is attracting the most innovative businesses in the world to share their stories."

The event will address:

  • how to utilize BPM to generate actionable insights of end-to-end business processes
  • reengineering process flows to eliminate bottlenecks
  • identifying which projects would be better served by each approach
  • how to roll out both BPM and RPA technologies across the business and build a Center of Excellence

Interested parties are encouraged to register to attend and become part of the PEX Network to learn more about similar free events and access whitepapers, podcasts and other educational content. 

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