Develop Process Leadership Skills for the Twenty First Century

Some business process leaders are better at changing their work practices compared to others. What do well-performing leaders know about adapting their organisation’s processes swiftly and adequately, that others don’t?

A new book from BPM Blogger Janne Ohtonen, takes inspiration from the Greek phrase "panta rhei" (or "everything flows") once spoken by philosopher Heraclitus, indicating that everything is susceptible to change. This still holds true, 2500 years after these words were first spoken. Organizations are changing constantly, under pressure of market demand, competitive forces, technological inventions and new legislation. This demands a new kind of leadership.

"I wrote this book to help business leaders develop a culture of agility and adapt their way-of-working in response to external impacts on their business and value proposition," says Ohtonen.

With over 150 pages and 52 articles, one for each week throughout the year, the book concisely articulates a number of best practices for business leaders to turn their organizations towards the new way customers act.

Ohtonen continues, "Today’s customers expect to be treated personally, instantly, and through their own preferred channel – be it online or offline. They are members of a socially hyper-connected world with all information right at their fingertips. Organisations simply need to adapt to this new customer, not only by opening an online store or a Twitter account, but also by changing their mind-sets, behaviours and leadership styles to become truly customer-centric. I wanted to share my ideas on how these tools can help with everyday leadership processes."

To find out how you could improve both business and your leadership and to make sure you will be doing financially better this year, get your hands on this book and inspire your thoughts. The first 12 weeks in the book include important topics such as:

• Are you still working with outdated business methods?

• Ingredients for process culture that brings the results!

• How to launch a BPM programme successfully?

• How to build customer satisfaction into business processes?

• What could help to make change more sustainable?

A downloadable version of "You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner With Customer-Centric Process Leadership!" is available at